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Vol. II, Issue 9 (2021–22)

  • Lord Lexden – At the Top of the Greasy Pole: Disraeli’s first premiership, Feb.–Dec. 1868
  • Lord Lexden – The ‘Great Lord Salisbury’ and Reform of the House of Lords
  • Ryan Blank – The 3rd Marquess of Bute: A visionary Conservative Unionist and ‘Home Ruler’
  • Luke Stanley – ‘Economy Without Exception’: Lord Rothermere and the Anti-Waste League of 1921
  • Richard A. Gaunt – The 1841 Election and the Triumph of Conservatism
  • Marie Le Conte – An Honourable Misfit: Arthur MacMurrough Kavanagh, 1831–89
  • Alex Deane – Lessons from History: Bob Boothby; Sir Walter Bromley-Davenport
  • Lord Lexden – The Duke of Edinburgh and Parliament
  • Lord Parkinson of Whitley Bay – The Duke of Edinburgh and the IEA
  • Dr. David Torrance – ‘More Ulster than Ulster itself’: Andrew Bonar Law and Northern Ireland, 1912–22
  • C.D.C. Armstrong – Stratton Mills: a profile
  • Lord Lexden – Remembering Sir Henry Wilson, the MP the IRA assassinated – and the Commons forgot
  • Henry Hill – Campaign for a memorial shield to Sir Henry Wilson in the House of Commons
  • Conference report: Dr. Nigel Fletcher on the Thatcher Network Conference 2021
  • Book reviews
  • Obituary – Mike Dolley

Vol. II, Issue 8 (Autumn 2020)

  • Dr. Emily Jones ­– Becoming Burke
  • Stephen Parkinson – Call for the Doctor: The under-rated premiership of Henry Addington, 1801–04
  • Andrew Penson – More Than a Simple Squire: The significance of Henry Chaplin, 1840–1923
  • Lord Sheikh – Sir Mancherjee Bhownaggree: The first Indian Conservative MP
  • Lord Lexden OBE – The First Conservative College
  • Daniel Smith – The Peer and the Gangster: How Lord Boothby escaped exposure in 1964
  • Chris James – A record number of recounts: Brighton Kemptown, 1964
  • Feature: Before the ‘Red Wall’
  • Lord Lexden – VE Day in Parliament: Churchill’s victory statement in the Lords Chamber; and Churchill’s Unexpected Election Disaster: The 1945 Labour landslide 75 years on
  • Richard Ritchie – Scotland, England, and the West Lothian Question: The Parliamentary Debates
  • Dermot Gleeson – Conservatism and Ideology
  • Book reviews
  • Obituary – Peter Cropper

Vol. II, Issue 7 (Autumn 2019)

  • Dr. Kathryn Rix – ‘The backbone of the party’: The Conservative agents, 1880–1910
  • Isobel White & Oonagh Gay – Norah Runge: a constituency MP ahead of her time
  • The Hon. George Brandis QC – Isaiah Berlin and the defence of liberty
  • Iain Carter – A lonely space record: Britain’s Black Arrow rocket and the Prospero satellite
  • Khurram Jowiya – Conservatives and the first European elections
  • Prof. Sarah Richardson – Gentleman Jack: a gripping nineteenth-century tale of one woman’s bravery in sex and politics
  • Nic Crowe – Not a PEST at all: Michael Spicer’s Pressure for Economic and Social Toryism
  • Nigel Morris – The Private Mr. Peel and The Peel Society: the first 40 years
  • Dr. Jacqui Turner – Keeping up the legacy of Nancy Astor: 100 years since the first woman took her seat in Parliament
  • Alexis Bowater – The Nancy Astor Statue Appeal: how history is being made again
  • Lord Lexden OBE – Airey Neave and Ulster, 1975–79
  • Emmeline Ledgerwood – Airey Neave: working for science in parliament
  • Conference reports – ‘40 Years of Thatcherism?’, University of Derby; ‘Margaret Thatcher: 40 Years On’, Somerville College, Oxford
  • News and reviews

Vol. II, Issue 6 (Autumn 2018)

  • The Earl of Kerry – Lord Lansdowne and the ‘Peace Letter’ of 1917
  • Prof. T.G. Otte – ‘From a purely diplomatic and political point of view’: The Balfour Declaration, 1917
  • Dr. Philip Salmon – The 1818 General Election: More change than meets the eye
  • Dr. Mari Takayanagi – Alice Lucas: The first Conservative woman to stand for Parliament
  • Lord Lexden OBE – The suffragists’ victory
  • Jacqui Smith – The Honourable Ladies: Compiling profiles of women MPs, 1918–1996
  • Theo Barclay – Katharine Atholl: ‘The Red Duchess
  • Iain Carter – On Broad and Solid Foundations: Churchill and the development of Britain’s National Health Service
  • Andrew Gimson – Henry Willink: The Conservative who proposed a National Health Service before Bevan created one
  • Lord Lexden – Stanley Baldwin: the champion of national unity
  • Andrew Sharpe OBE – The Conservative National Convention: a view from the Chairman
  • Jeremy McIlwaine – A century and a half of the National Union of Conservative & Unionist Associations
  • Rob Phillips – Conservatives in the Welsh Political Archive at the National Library of Wales
  • Katherine Carter – What it’s like to live at Chartwell
  • Conference report: A Century of Women MPs, 1918–2018
  • Book reviews
  • Obituaries – Jeremy Catto; Pam Powell

Vol. II, Issue 5 (Autumn 2017)

  • Andrew Connell – Claude Lowther, 1870–1929: Wit, Tragedy, Melodrama and Mystery in Public Life
  • N.C. Fleming – The rise of women Conservatives in inter-war Lancashire
  • Adrian Phillips – Chronicle of a Conspiracy Foretold: MI5, Churchill and the ‘King’s Party’ in the Abdication Crisis
  • Damian Collins MP – The Charmed Life of Philip Sassoon
  • Jason Charalambous – The campaign to save Trent Park: Establishing a museum of national importance
  • Lord Lexden – Anthony Eden: A Man of Peace
  • Luke Stanley – Where Brexit Began: The ‘Bastards’ of the Maastricht Rebellion
  • Michael McManus – Heath at 100: a singular life reassessed
  • Prof. the Lord Bew – Churchill and Ireland
  • Cormac Shine – Tory Trinity: The 1964 Committee and student politics at Trinity College Dublin, 1964–70
  • Oongah Gay – Patricia Ford MP: The first woman to sit for a Northern Ireland constituency
  • Lord Lexden – The Tories and The Somme
  • Book reviews
  • Obituaries – Dr. Helen Szamuely; Lord Parkinson

Vol. II, Issue 4 (Autumn 2015)

  • Lord Lexden – Wellington and Waterloo: His victory and the political aftermath
  • Sam Blaxland – The Curious Case of Ted Dexter and Cardiff South East
  • Dr. Gareth Davies – Some reflections on Conservative-Liberal relations in the age of Baldwin and MacDonald
  • Dr. Helen Szamuely – ‘A great Imperialist, a great woman and a great lady’: Lady Knightley, of Fawsley (1842–1913)
  • Luke Maynard – Tory Splits over Revolutionary Russia, 1918–20
  • Stephen Parkinson – Mavis Tate and the Horrors of Buchenwald
  • Dr. A. Warren Dockter – Winston Churchill and Islam
  • David Lough – ‘The hinge of fate’: Churchill’s financial turnaround in the Second World War
  • Prof. John Charmley – Churchill’s darkest hour: Gallipoli 100 years on
  • Brian Curragh – Arthur O’Neill and the Lost Generation of Ulster Unionists
  • Dr. Nigel Keohane – Sitting with the Enemy: The Asquith coalition through a Conservative lens
  • Conference reports: Dr. Julie V. Gottlieb on ‘Rethinking Right-Wing Women’; Alan Wager and Charles Clarke on the Conservative Leaders Symposium
  • Book reviews
  • Obituary – Sir Tony Garner

Vol. II, Issue 3 (Autumn 2014)

  • Lord Lexden – The Hanoverian Succession and the Downfall of the Tory Party: a tercentenary essay
  • Dr. Matthew Francis – Searching for Constructive Conservatism: a short history of the property-owning democracy
  • Stephen Parkinson – Sir Geoffrey Butler and the Tory Tradition
  • Prof. Simon Ball – Prime Ministers in the First World War
  • Nigel West – MI5 in the Great War
  • Feature – the Conservative and Unionist MPs killed in the First World War
  • Michael Steed – Baldwin’s First Broadcast
  • Dr. John W. Hawkins – The Queen’s Member: the unregretted life of Col. Robert Richardson-Gardner
  • Dr. Richard A. Gaunt – A Power Behind the Throne? Sir Robert Peel, Prince Albert, and the making of the modern monarchy
  • Feature – Joseph Chamberlain a century after his death – with contributions from Dr. Ian Cawood, Lord Carrington of Fulham, and Nick Timothy
  • News and Reviews – the Class of 1974; the locations of Central Office; beards in the Cabinet
  • Book reviews

Vol. II, Issue 2 (Autumn 2013)

  • Jesse Norman MP – Edmund Burke: the first Conservative
  • N.C. Fleming – Stanley Baldwin, The Times, and Indian self-government
  • Christopher Cooper – The first but forgotten Lord Hailsham, 1872–1950
  • Lord Hurd of Westwell and Edward Young – The Mistaken Myth of Disraeli
  • Prof. the Lord Norton of Louth – The 1922 Committee: from humble origins to being the party’s king-maker
  • D.R. Thorpe – The October 1963 Conservative Party Conference
  • Lord Hunt of Wirral – Memories of Blackpool ’63
  • Nicholas Hillman – From Grants to Loans: the political consequences of student finance
  • Gareth Davies – A Coalition Revisited: the career of Sir Arthur Griffith-Boscawen
  • Feature – Margaret Thatcher passes into history – with contributions from Charles Moore, Andrew Roberts, Robin Harris, Chris Collins, and Jeremy McIlwaine
  • News and Reviews – The Profumo Affair’s 50th anniversary; Sir Robert Peel’s 225th
  • Interview with playwright James Graham, writer of This House
  • Book reviews
  • Lord Lexden – Keith Middlemas, 1935–2013
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Vol. II, Issue 1 (Autumn 2012)

  • D.R. Thorpe – The Night of the Long Knives
  • Seth Thévoz – Churchill and the Dundee Unionists, 1908–22
  • Stephen Parkinson – The St. Stephen’s Club, 1870–2012
  • Nicholas Hillman – The public schools question, Rab Butler, and the Fleming Report of 1944
  • Bill Cash MP – John Bright: a Conservative?
  • Lord Lexden OBE – The formation of the Conservative & Unionist Party 100 years ago
  • Jeremy McIlwaine – The work of the Conservative Party Archive
  • Stephen Parkinson – Tory Olympians: Conservative Parliamentarians and the modern Olympic Games
  • Feature – Spencer Perceval: notes on the bicentenary of his assassination
  • News and Reviews – Enoch at 100; Opening the door on Downing Street’s past
  • Book reviews
  • Lord Lamont of Lerwick – Lord St. John of Fawsley, 1929–2012
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Vol. I, Issue 10* (Summer 2011)

  • Colin Oldroyd – Sir Stafford Northcote: A lost Tory Leader
  • Lord Lexden – The Stag at Bay: Disraeli, Bentinck and the downfall of Peel
  • Prof. Tim Bale – Churchill’s Lib-Con Plan
  • Stephen Parkinson – No Alternative: the unhappy history of the Alternative Vote
  • Ronald Porter – Obituary: Lord Walker of Worcester, 1932–2010
  • Nicholas Hillman – Remembering John Ramsden
  • Book reviews
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Vol. I, Issue 9* (Winter 2009–10)

  • J.M.A. Inglis – Lord Liverpool
  • Sten A. Hankewitz – Arthur Balfour: the man behind Israel’s right to exist
  • Mark Coalter – Professor John Ramsden
  • Keith Simpson MP – Ion Trewin on ‘Clark of Toad Hall’
  • Gordon Hector – ‘Where there is error, let us bring truth’: Margaret Thatcher’s history
  • Dr. Kenneth Baxter – Florence Gertrude Horsbrugh: The Conservative Party’s Forgotten First Lady
  • Ronald Porter – Lady Butler of Saffron Walden, 1907–2009
  • Gavin Lambert – Winston Churchill: An Arthurian hero or just a politician?
  • Gerard Charmley – The House of Dynevor and Conservative Politics, 1910–38
  • John Hirst – Walter Ramsden Hawkesworth Fawkes, 1769–1825
  • David McCann – The Demise and Rise of the Conservative movement in Canada
  • Justin Kempley – How far was the Falklands War the main reason for Thatcher’s 1983 victory?
  • Book reviews
  • Click here to download the PDF

Vol. I, Issue 8* (Winter 2008)

  • Dr. Mitzi Auchterlonie – ‘To work for women’s enfranchisement’: The quiet campaign of the Conservative & Unionist Women’s Franchise Association, 1908–14
  • Dr. Alistair Cooke OBE – ‘The Club whose time has come again’: The Carlton Club, 1832-2007
  • Charles Dudgeon – Were the Tories Jacobites?
  • Prof. John Charmley – The Conservative tradition in foreign policy (interview)
  • Dr. Richard A. Gaunt – Disraeli’s historical reputation and the repeal of the Corn Laws
  • Dr. Helen Szamuely – The first Birmingham Conference, 1883
  • Prof. Robert Self – Neville Chamberlain and the long shadow of the ‘Guilty Men’
  • Dr. Timothy Heppell – No More than Another Major? How William Hague became Leader of the Conservative Party
  • Tim Sansom – Marketing the Tories in Opposition: a difficult tale
  • Nicholas Hillman – The ‘Rivers of Blood’ forty years on
  • Prof. David Dutton – ‘Ernie’: A centennial reassessment of Ernest Marples
  • Lee Peck – Winning before the Falklands: Thatcher’s subordination of a political party
  • Jamie Martin – Of Course it was the Conservatives Wot Won It: re-thinking the 1992 general election
  • Book reviews
  • Click here to download the PDF

Vol. I, Issue 7 (Autumn 2007)

  • Dr. Alistair Cooke OBE – How Miss Brant saved the Prime Minister
  • Dr. Helen Szamuely – Reclaiming Jane Austen
  • Charles Dudgeon – A Scottish Prime Minister: the 3rd Earl of Bute, 1713–92
  • Ian Pendlington – Waiting for Winston: Churchill’s last days as Prime Minister
  • Mark Coalter – What Jonathan Did Next (interview with Jonathan Aitken)
  • Nick Powell – The Conservative from Ukraine: Stefan Terlezki, 1927–2006
  • David Torrance – Conservative Scottish Secretaries
  • Ronald Porter – Obituary: Lord Rawlinson of Ewell, 1919–2006
  • Ronald Porter – Obituary: Lord Harris of High Cross, 1924–2006
  • Colin Baillieu – Obituary: Lord Biffen of Tanant, 1930–2007
  • Book reviews
  • Click here to download the PDF

Vol. I, Issue 6 (Autumn 2006)

  • Adrian Brettle – The Conservative Party and the primacy of foreign policy
  • Peter Mangold – The Elusive Friendship: Harold Macmillan and Charles de Gaulle
  • Ronald Porter – ‘I did not have sex with that woman…’: The Profumo Affair
  • John Barnes – ‘Crisis, what crisis?’: the Profumo Affair and Macmillan’s leadership
  • Dr. Helen Szamuely – War, propaganda and the conservative point of view
  • Mark Coalter – Sir Henry Wilson: Imperial solider, political failure
  • Book reviews

Vol. I, Issue 5 (Autumn 2005)

  • Interview with Prof. John Charmley
  • Dr. Helen Szamuely – So what are we to make of Sir Edward Heath?
  • Ronald Porter – A personal view of Sir Edward Heath
  • John Barnes – Edward Heath: A personal recollection and appraisal
  • Harshan Kumarasingham – ‘Home Sweet Home’: The Problematic Leadership of Sir Alec Douglas-Home
  • Ian Pendlington – ‘Put up or Shut Up’: the Conservative Leadership contest of 1995
  • Dr. Scott Kelly – ‘The Ghost of Neville Chamberlain’: Guilty Men and the 1945 election
  • Book Reviews
  • Click here to download the PDF

Vol. I, Issue 4 (Winter 2004)

  • Dr. Helen Szamuely – The 75th Anniversary of the Conservative Research Department
  • Dr. Mark Garnett – interview with James Douglas (CRD, 1950–77)
  • Dr. Alistair Cooke – The Conservative Research Department’s First 75 Years
  • Ronald Porter – ‘Rum, Buggery & the Lash’: the truth about Lord Boothby
  • Mark Coalter – Robert Boothby: Icon of an Extant Era
  • Bendor Grosvenor – ‘Shopping for the Canal’: Derby, Disraeli & the Suez Canal
  • Prof. Philip Cowley & Mark Stuart – Conservative Backbench Dissent under Iain Duncan Smith
  • Book Reviews
  • Click here to download the PDF

Vol. I, Issue 3 (Summer 2004)

  • Interview with Andrew Roberts
  • Lord Tebbit and Lord Howe – Thatcher: Her legacy for the Conservatives and for Britain
  • Nicholas Hillman – Hilda’s Cabinet Band: Songs inspired by Margaret Thatcher
  • Dr. Helen Szamuely – A strangely familiar voice (review of Margaret Thatcher’s speeches on CD)
  • Harshan Kumarasingham – The Political Demise of Neville Chamberlain
  • Mark Coalter – Capturing the Middle Ground: Disraeli’s 1872 Blueprint for Electoral Success
  • Geoffrey Hicks – Lord Derby’s Shadowy Foreign Secretary
  • Bendor Grosvenor – The Man Who Would Be Prime Minister: Sir Stafford Northcote, Bt.
  • John Barnes – Party Colours
  • Book Reviews
  • Click here to download the PDF

Vol. I, Issue 2 (Autumn 2003)

  • Prof. John Charmley – Obituary: Lord Blake
  • Julia Fea – The Men Behind the Throne: Baldwin, Churchill & the Abdication Crisis
  • Simon Jenkins – Lessons from History
  • Adrian Brettle – Endless Opposition
  • Stephen Barber – ‘No Change, No Chance’: Economic failure and the 1995 Tory Leadership Crisis
  • Mark Versaillon – Promoting Civic Consciousness
  • Mark Coalter – Andrew Bonar Law: Politics and Leadership, 1911–15
  • Dr. Helen Szamuely – Lord Curzon on Russia & the Russians
  • Christopher Pincher – Walter Eliot: A Conservative Life
  • Book Reviews
  • Click here to download the PDF

Vol. I, Issue 1 (Summer 2003)

  • Nicholas Hillman – Enoch Powell’s Vital Statistics
  • Prof. John Charmley – The Conservative Tradition in Foreign Policy
  • Andrew Lownie – John Buchan: Conservative Politician
  • Dr. Mark Garnett – A Farewell to Biography
  • Matthew Bailey & Philip Cowley – Choosing the Lady: another look at the 1975 leadership contest
  • Leslie Mutch – Obituary: Lord Mackay of Ardbrecknish
  • Sheila Moore – How Rab Butler Decriminalised Suicide
  • Martin Ball – Memories of Alan Clark
  • David Willetts – The Conservatives in Opposition: Lessons from history
  • Ian Pendlington – Baldwin: the original Quiet Man
  • John Barnes – How the Tory Party Got That Name
  • Book Reviews
  • Click here to download the PDF

* Issues 8–10 were incorrectly issued as numbers 7–9 and have been renumbered accordingly.


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  1. Does anyone have a copy of issue 9 with the article by Dr Kenneth Baxter on the Rt Hon Dame Florence Horsbrugh? Payment is not a problem! She is my great aunt and I would like a copy of the article. I am in the middle of sending in my membership of the journal, which looks excellent

    • Hello Diana – we’ll gladly send you a copy of the article on Dame Florence: it’s on its way to you along with the latest edition of the Journal.

      • Stephen
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